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SOURCE 2, and Integration & Grounding

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Our INTENTION is to foster Awareness and Self-Development in a powerful and nurturing environment that is both transformative and educational. This enables you to Remember, Manifest and Integrate inherent healing abilities through a multi-dimensional process and you can work with yourSelf and others via the evolution of a true Sense of Self. The Joy and Beauty created in this environment is, in itself, Enlightening.

The Self, in my perception, is composed of your core energy and your highest creative potential. This exquisite powerhouse of creative, healthy and joyful consciousness enable us to manifest well-being on all levels.

Our TRAININGS and SESSIONS teach the Human Subtle Energy System and Awaken the Body's own, deep, inner Knowledge. They activate, accelerate and deepen your core energy and creative consciousness and enable your physical body to regenerate in a practical and simple way. We believe in a mindful and conscious process brought into the physical body and used to satisfy a continuum of applications, from Stress Management and Trauma Release to working with Injury or Illness.

Our emphasis is on Self-Healing, as well as healing others and mentoring healers and groups.

* Our MISSION is to awaken the body's natural healing ability and enable the practitioner to awaken this in others. We support your natural impulse to re-balance, clear and enjoy life and consistently strive to fulfill the highest standards of integrity and reverence. Everything we offer can easily be combined with other practices and enjoyed in your daily routine. We support your continued connection to your Self through accessible community events, personal sessions and mentoring, that bring an international group of high-level practitioners and extraordinary people together.

We are grateful for the opportunity to Serve.

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The information on this website is not meant to substitute any medical procedure or the advice of your doctor. It is for self-education and personal development purposes only. We believe in self-responsibility, for ourselves and our clients. Your decisions and your state of well-being belong to you. Miracles happen, but we do not sell them.

SOURCE Awareness Work is Copyright by Alexandra J. Marquardt and the LightWorks Healing Institute.